Flip Flops for Good

We’re flippin’ out for Flying Flips!

Who are Flying Flips?

“Designed by the people, chosen by the people and funded by the people. FlyingFlips are awesome FlipFlops with designs from the crowd and chosen by the crowd, with a share of profits going to winning designers.”

So how does it work?

  1. Designs are submitted to FlyingFlips.com from the external community.
  2. The FlyingFlips community (you can log-in with Facebook or Twitter) then votes on their favorite designs.
  3. The tops designs are printed on eco-friendly FlipFlops and put in their online shop.
  4. The external community can then purchase their favourite design. FlyingFlips even we throws it in a recyclable tyvek bag and ships it to your house!
  5. FlyingFlips then gives a share of the profits to the designer that created that flipflop.
  6. For each purchase made, FlyingFlips donates one pair of flip flops to a person in need in the developing world, through Soles4Souls and Fundacion A. Jean Brugger.

Sweet, eh?

More, more, more:

FlyingFlips is currently raising $20,000 — and they have until May 30th before their time is up on Kickstarter! This will allow them to get the first run of flip flops into production. And if you back the project, you get flippin’ cool things — like the ‘Original Kickster’ flip flops, tees, bandans, stickers, pins, hugs, kisses and more!

Check out this video from their latest campaign:

Oh yes and last week FlyingFlips landed in MASHABLE! Awesome job team!


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